Confessions of a slow blogger

I’m Canadian so naturally I have to start this off with an apology. Sorry for being so behind on my blogging! I can explain! Our project was only four weeks long and it passed by in the blink of an eye. As days passed, time seemed to speed up. So, here were my five priorities:

1. WORK. Do the work I came here to do, spend as much time doing hands-on implementation with the client as possible, finish our final report, and deliver recommendations in many sessions to a host of stakeholders.

2. HANG OUT. It’s unlikely that the 11 members of our IBM team will ever be in the same place all together again. We actually like each other, so we wanted to maximize fun together.

3. EXPLORE. We were in Jamshedpur at an amazing time as there was a huge festival – Durga Puja – going on. I didn’t want to miss out on any once in a lifetime experiences.

4. SLEEP. My #1 favourite activity.

5. BLOG.

Guess which one fell off the priority list?

I know I’m super behind on my blogging, and I do really want to catch up. It’s fun to share these experiences, and I’ve found that seeing them in print has helped me reflect even more.

I learned something very early in my career: “There is no hope in business Michelle, so don’t use the word hope.” Even Yoda says “Do or do not. There is no try.” I’m not even a Star Wars fan and I know this. So I won’t say that I hope to catch up, or that I’ll try my best. I intend to continue reflecting, and I have a million blog posts already planned in my head.

However, now I’m on vacation. Which, if I dare say so myself, is pretty well deserved. Please bear with me because updates won’t be at the speed of light.


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